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We save you from investment killing capital raise mistakes.

Capital Raising

We work with our clients to ensure they become investor ready and can effectively pitch the value of their business to investors. Our objective is to help our clients build strong foundations to target high quality and aligned investors who not only contribute funding, but also advice when required. Our comprehensive investor readiness program enables ex ecutives to approach investors with confidence and the tools to negotiate favourable terms and conditions. We prepare a tailored capital raising strategy and marketing campaign to provide our clients with the best chance of success. Throughout this process our style is hands on and we spend considerable face to face time guiding our clients through each stage of the investor ready and capital raising program.

Our services include:

  • Investment Readiness
  • Capital Raising Strategy
  • Introduction of Investors
  • Manage Capital Raising Process

Investment Readiness

Being investor ready is a prerequisite to beginning a capital raise. We work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their business, assess their state of ‘Investment Readiness’ and prepare a detailed report highlighting the key improvements required by sophisticated investors.

In particular, investors will be seeking evidence based metrics and data to validate the future growth, forecasts and valuation of your business.

  • Readiness review and assessment
  • Business planning optimisation
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Presentation and pitch preparation

    Technology Review And Oversight

    Our team has extensive experience in founding technology startups and the detailed operations of cloud SAAS and internet businesses. Clients of Northbridge Capital benefit from detailed independent review of their product and underlying systems support, providing important peace of mind for our clients and prospective investors.

    • Minimum viable product review
    • User experience (UX), User Interface (UI), and insightful product feedback
    • Independent review of third party processes and systems with performance oversight
    • Review of underlying infrastructure and product development
    • Technology management, operations and process optimisation
    • Service level agreement review and advice

        Financial Modeling

        Financial modelling is a tool paramount to decision making. It is the basis of all financial projections and a tool for developing strategy and operational planning. Our experience ensures our detailed analysis, price and financial modelling is realistic and achievable.

        Clients of Northbridge Capital gain access to a range of operating, financial, and capital management tools specifically tailored to your business by leading financial modelers from industry. We work with you apply these tools to uncover the powerful insights needed to build strong foundations and later to seamlessly provide investors with the information they require to invest with confidence.

        • Integrated financial forecasting for strategy development
        • Sensitivity analysis and scenario modelling for decision making and planning
        • Capital management tools for investment decision making
        • Operating performance and cost management tools

          Price Modeling and Sales Strategy

          Northbridge Capital can assist you to better understand and validate your target market in order to design productive pricing and sales strategies. We will help you to analyse the performance and conversion needed from sales channels in your business to supercharge sales revenue.

          Our custom built models provide ongoing ability to review and test your pricing scenarios as your business grows.

          • Price Modelling – modelling for financial sensitivities and customer fit
          • Sales Modelling – management tools for pipeline and measuring key metrics
          • Growth Strategy – to ensure costs remain appropriately aligned to revenue as you scale

            Commercial Operations

            We are a multidisciplinary corporate advisory team with extensive experience in commercial strategy, planning and operations across a broad range of industries. Our team have assisted hundreds of projects in the course of their professional careers.

            Northbridge Capital are passionate about supporting leaders to design strategic, financial and operational ways of working that deliver significant, measurable and lasting improvements. Where specific domain expertise is necessary, we also maintain a powerful network of expert affiliates that we can recommend with confidence.

            • Commercial contract negotiations
            • Assessment of new concepts, opportunities and risks
            • Organisational and workforce design
            • Ongoing Board support

              Investor and Shareholder Relations

              At Northbridge Capital we understand the importance of establishing strong and supportive relationships with investors, stakeholders and the broader community. Building an aligned investor base is a competitive advantage for any company or fund seeking to outperform its competition. The very best companies are supported by an investor base that not only provides financial resources, but also advice, ongoing feedback and patience when required. We believe every company should strive to turn its shareholders into ambassadors by building trust through clear, direct and regular communication.

              To support this approach, we go beyond the scope of traditional PR and communications strategies and have developed our own strategic shareholder management framework to strengthen stakeholder relationships by:

                  • Implementing communication strategy to ensure trust, loyalty and support
                  • Creating an aligned investor base by targeting specific investors
                  • Undertaking and addressing investor grievances
                  • Establishing crisis management plans to minimise investor concerns
                  • Provide advice and oversight on shareholder materials
                  • Coordinate investor roadshows and briefings
                  • Engage with investors and prepare management reports

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