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Amazing startup capital raising is just the beginning!


"We are a successful global startup thanks to awesome advice.


Steve Fitzjohn
CEO – Lyfshort

"Rare people that have the ability to turn to gold everything they touch."

Emilia Borner
CEO – Born & Borner

"Tough love that every founder needs to know and follow."


Ernest Stabek
CEO – SIP Management

Our Background

We provide rapid and unique capital and growth outcomes for founders and boards.

Unlike the many armchair experts you will come across, our no bulllshit approach is founded on real experience founding many of our own startups and suffering the pain of securing our own investment.

Our experience covers everything from seed rounds through to IPO.

We use our management, technology, and business expertise to fast track your company for investment, and find the right investors for you to partner with.


No bullshit expert advice you won’t find anywhere else

  • Strategic planning
  • Technology oversight
  • Transaction advice



Rapid capital sourcing for investment ready founders  

  • Investment readiness
  • Capital raise strategy
  • Investors introductions



Innovative solutions to maximise your growth

  • Accelerated growth
  • Price & sales modeling
  • International go to market 


Grow your startup and raise capital now

because you’re journey to success can be massively improved

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